Thermal Cycling Series

Three Zone Thermal Shock Chamber BTS Series

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• Energy saving: Less pre-cooling time and pre-heating compared to previous type, power consumption is reduced Maximum 32%;

• Improvements in reliability: minimize variations in the temp attainment time that affect test results;

• Automatic defrosting function can ensure 24hr (10 circles) continuous operation. And hand-operated defrosting is also available during long term test;

• Safety design to global requirements: All our thermal shocks use the latest technologies to care user & sample safety;

• Superior craftsmanship in detail, all pipelines is protected with Nitrogen during welding, and further protected by surface coating.

Control System Description

There are total three sub-chambers inside. Sample is placed in testing chamber, more extreme temperature than test temperature can be set in high-temperature chamber & low-temperature chamber. During low temperature shocking, cold chamber valve open, and low-temperature chamber working together with testing chamber. When converted into high-temperature shocking, cold chamber door closed, hot chamber valve is opened, and testing chamber working together with high-temperature chamber. 

Conversion of mechanical action (transferring from high temperature to low temperature or low temperature to high temperature) can be completed within 3 second, and the temperature can be quickly stabilized. During the whole test, specimen is no need to be moved, and without any human intervention.

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Specification & technical

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