Thermal Cycling Series

Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber BTS Series



• Outstanding thermal uniformity and is ideally suitable for applications in research and development to inspection or production;

• Alternative capacity size from 50 to 250 Liters to fit the different sizes of specimen.

• Temperature recovery time is shortened with two zone system;

• The baskets for the vertical shocks are moved using their own cylinders fitted with a brake for precise and protected positioning, without any external excess size;

• Test duration is reduced since temperature exposure time is quickly changed by moving the basket up and down between hot and cold temperature chamber; 

• Meet the high performance required by today’s test standards ;

• Comprehensive safety system with interactive color LCD touch-screen system.

Control System Description

Sample is placed in the basket which can move up and down between high-temperature chamber and low-temperature chamber, and transferring is carried out in less than 10 seconds and the samples are subjected to thermal shocks as many times as necessary because the system has a standard setting of automatic defrosting. (But we recommend to do  defrost hand-operated after cold testing) Moreover, hot chamber and cold chamber can work independently and used as high and low temperature chamber to meet more testing requirements.

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