Temp. & Humidity Series

PCB Board with Loadable Programmable Constant Temp.& Humidity Chamber BTH


• This equipment is specially designed for the aging of low-power lamp beads under high temperature and high humidity, and adopts an air-cooled method to ensure the temperature at the TS point;

• The number of lamp beads aging up to 1600pcs, PCB board up to 80pcs, each row of 20pcs, a total of 4 rows. Placed in the center of the cabinet to ensure that the flow of wind through the wind to take away the heat generated by the beads, each piece of PCB has Teflon channel, the insertion is quite convenient, the entire device can receive 1600 watts at the same time aging;

• The supporting power supply can reach a maximum of 600 channels and each channel of 50 volts and 500 mA, and can realize 10KHz pulses, on/off duty cycle, and the programming of the output current and voltage, recording the current and voltage, and exporting relevant data.

Control System Description

• Network solution & multiple language selection LCD touch screen controller: Communication support is available with RS-485/ RS-232C/USB Interface. An Ethernet (LAN) port is also available as an option, for simple connection of a computer, tablet computer, or other terminal;

• Program setting: 120 Program group×1200 procedures, each group can run 999 times and programs can be segmented to perform part of the cycle;

• High repeatability and reproduction ability, high stability of temperature and humidity control is achieved by PID+SSR and FUZZY control system;

• 8 different failures can be sensed by built-in detection system.



Specification & technical

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