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Temperature chamber

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Temperature chamber, as its name suggests, it is used for the simulation of   different extremes of temperature. It aims to test and evaluate the effects on some kinds of objects and materials of constant and prolonged experiences of extremes of temperature, or to rapid-speed temperature change. Temperature chambers are often used by manufacturers to check the stability and lifespan of a product during its developing stages to ensure the best quality product as soon as it comes into the market.

Industries such as electric and electronic, medical, consumer, construction, food processing and automotive parts use temperature testing on their products revealing potential flaws and malfunctions.

Temperature chambers can produce an environment with temperatures from -70 to reaching as high as 150. The purpose of test chambers is to accurately predict, and then allow the manufacturer to improve or modify if needed, the response of a product to the changing environment. Therefore it is very significant that the chamber produce an environment as close to that of nature as possible. As existing temperature is bonded tightly with relative humidity, chambers that combine the effects of temperature and humidity are common. This is called temperature and humidity chamber.


Temperature chambers can also be used as storage cabinets for materials that are sensitive to temperature, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The range of products that require temperature testing is broad; therefore temperature chambers are available in many sizes, including compact chambers and much larger walk-in chambers designed according to the manufacturer requirements and needs. Many chambers are custom designed based not only on the size and shape of the product being tested, but also on its intended use. The validity of the test results is important for future manufacturing changes and improvements, and therefore chamber construction should be carefully considered.

Temperature controls and precision are an key element of undergoing the tests and recording the results for future reference. This is usually done by electronic sensors in order to achieve the most accurate reading.

Another consideration in temperature chambers is the method of distribution of air to achieve good temperature uniformity within the fully-locked chamber. Each factor of the test and testing conditions has to be taken into consideration – already existing environment and climate, the potential addition of interior chamber lighting and thus extra heat, and the variations that already exist between products and materials being tested. Depending on the industry doing the testing, standards for execution of the process and recording will differ, and yet an improved product is a typical result. It may be a costly and time-taken procedure depending on the size and process undertaken. However, it is a wise manufacturing choice to do temperature testing, especially in the long run of expense and future profits.

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