Development History

1996: BACL’s first laboratory was built in Silicon Valley of United States;

1998: Reliability Test laboratory was built, and added thermal test and Japanese ESPEC Reliability equipment;

1999: Cooperated with Thermotron Company of United States, and sent specialist to study the reliability equipment;

2000: Entered Chinese market and establish Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Limited Shenzhen;

2001: Thermal test technique was first introduced into Shenzhen reliability laboratory, and developed the First Two-zone Shock Chamber and the First Generation Temp. and Humidity Chamber;

2002-2009: BACL established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, and Dongguan respectively and entered  the Chinese market quickly. At the same time, BACL developed the Second Generation Temp. & Humidity Chamber, the Second Generation Two-zone Shock Chamber and the First Generation Rapid-rate Temp. Change Chamber, which accelerated BACL’s self-developed equipment entering into Chinese market;

2008: IESNA-80 standard was adopted, and BACL started to develop LM-80 LED life test equipment. BACL became the first lab developing and manufacturing LM-80 LED life test equipment;

2010: The First Generation Water Cooled Aging equipment was co-developed with an well-known American company and authorized by USP;

2010: BACL self-developed reliability test equipment passed the calibration of the calibration body.

2011: Bay Area Test Equipment Inc. was formally established, and the 2nd Generation LM-80 Series can simultaneously test multiple models and specifications, was launched into the market, and was approved by a number of patents at home and abroad;

Sep. 2011: EPA officially issued LM-80 certification for finished LED Energy Star;。In the same year, it signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with Toshiba, Hongli, Taiwan Jingtai and other well-known enterprises;

2012: Launched Energy-saving constant temperature and humidity testing machine series, and compared with similar products on the market, energy saving can reach about 80%;

2013: Launched the third-generation semiconductor high-power automation system and scorecard online test system;

2016: Bay Area Test Equipment Inc. won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise";

2017: Bay Area Test Equipment Inc. was approved by China Quality Management System ISO 9001, which covers the development and sales of environmental test equipment, reliability test equipment, aging equipment, battery inspection and testing equipment, etc.;

From 2019 to Now: Bay Area Test Equipment Inc. has established a good reputation in the industry by the virtues of leading industry technology, excellent quality and service, and continues to lead the rapid development of the industry.

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